Thursday, 10 November 2016

Short Story

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to everyone.

It has been awhile since I last posted something here. Therefore, I would like to present a short story that just come up in my mind during class. I've learn something though in the writing process with the help of my teacher and the encouragement from my friends; start to write or you will cease to start. Well, basically no beginning, no end. Chillax.

I Found it on that Fateful Day.

I found it on that fateful day. We were on our way to shop some goods in the city. My sister was sleeping at my side. Her mouth was wide open, snoring soundly. My father was furious to my sister but kept quiet about it. He told us not to leave the door ajar for too long. A few flies sneaked into the car with us.
        The disturbance was unbearable. My father couldn’t drive in peace. My mother tried to hit them and I was worried that one of them will go down my sister’s throat. I gather a few tissues and stuffed them in her mouth. It looked hilarious and I laughed so hard that my father threatened to left me at the roadside if I didn’t take them out. Unfortunately, she start munching the tissues in her sleep before I could so.

          I searched for a plastic bag at the seat pocket in front of me. There wasn’t any. I looked for it under the seats. There wasn’t any. I asked my mother for it. She turned to me and asked what for. I said that I wanted to take out the tissues by using it. Suddenly, she shrieked and my father, upon hearing it, lost his focus on the road.

          The car was drifting and sliding, leaving two slithering tire trails. The vehicles from our front and back hit their brakes. Everyone nearby came to the scene. People got out of their cars and trucks to view damages. Fortunately, no cars hit each other, but the road was blocked. The traffic was jammed for about half a kilometre.

           My mother was hyperventilating. My father gave her a plastic bag from the front drawer to ease her breath. Oh, there was the plastic bag. On the other hand, my sister still sleep soundly but her mouth was closed now. I was feeling overwhelmed; I was in a roller-coaster just now!

          After everything calmed down a bit, my father came out and apologized to the people involved in the accident. He said that he was sleepy, half true and half false. The people accepted the reason with some mocks and a few of them offered my father candies, coffees, and of course, advices.

        An old man started to lead the road clearance since everything were okay and no one was hurt. The halted traffic started to flow again. My father pulled up at the side of the road and asked my mother what happened to her. She said that she saw my sister swallowed the tissues and freaked out.

          Both of them believed that the blame was on me, but I’ve found it, the guilty one: my sister. She is the one to be blamed for everything. I was just trying to help her out when she slept with her mouth ajar. She should have listened to my father’s advice. Now, I know how dangerous it is if you left the car open for flies to wander inside.


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Review of 'To Kill a Mockingbird'

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone.

Today I would like to review a novel that my classmate and I have discussed with our lecturer last week. Here how it goes:

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee is a classic novel that depicts racism issue in 1950. The novel gain its popularity after it is published in 1961, a very ripe and suitable moment for Americans to consider and take action upon this issue together as they were much more prepared and open-minded; humans right started to be debated and defended worldwide during that age. At the same time, Civil Right movement is getting more support from the society and this novel had been a very effective instrument to deliver their doctrine and might be one of the major factor that caused the blacks and the whites in America to live in peace and equally treated as Americans up until now.

In my point of view, the novel is a reminder. It reminds me about myself and my country. Upon reading this novel, I am reminded that I have been racist all this time. Also, most of the stories described inside of it can be paralleled with the situation of racism in my country even though it is not as prevalence as illustrated in the story, but the bit of racism can be seen crystal clear.

As a citizen of Malaysia in the south-east Asia, I can understand quite a bit the situation described in the novel as Malaysia is a multi-racial country, consisting mostly of three major races: Malay, Chinese, and Indian. Most Malaysians believe that they are not racist but indeed they are. They would be hypocrites if they say they do not. Socially, the Malay will only speak with the Malay when in group and so do most others. Our people’s national language is Malay Language, so if the Chinese started to speak mandarin among themselves, other races especially Malay whose mother tongue is Malay Language could not understand their conversation unless they also learn mandarin. 

Our education is also seem divided according to races; the people have the freedom to choose their learning institutions though. Since each family wanted to uphold their race identity, they sent their children to the school respective to their race mostly. This situation furthermore will give different mind-set to each races, which prevent unity in the society and they will also know less about their neighbors’ customs and religions. When they are in dispute, solution is hard to be drawn as both side do not understand each other clearly.

Even though our differences are abundant, we still live in peace and try to respect each other. The cause of racism that I have stated just now is not the major one, which is religion in my opinion. In this age, people are quite sensitive about certain religion and I decided not to discuss about them in detail. What I have decided is that I would break the wall that divide us and learn more about my neighboring races. I would like my countrymen to be addressed as Malaysians rather than their races and hopefully, there will soon come a time when all of us Malaysians are united completely and become a strong developed country in the future.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Review of the film 'Catch Me if You Can'

Assalamualaikum and good day everybody.

As for today, I watched a movie entitled ‘Catch Me if You can’. This story has been recommended by my English teacher in my previous school while she was suggesting me to watch English movies to enhance my speaking skill. 

          The story depicts a true story of a young kid, Frank at his 17 whose life was torn up by his father financial problem and had to choose to live with his father or mother as they were getting divorced. Upon facing this conflict, he decided to escape from it at start anew by making a living with fraud check and occupation. So far, he had acted on 4 occupations including a substitute teacher, a co-pilot of Pan America, a lead doctor and a lawyer. Eventually, his crime had been snuffed out by the FBI. In the end, he was captured in France and after that, his sentence was converted from being jailed to be one of the most renowned fraud detectives in the FBI Financial Fraud Department while providing banks method to secure check payments.

          As the story is based on a history of a villain, I actually sympathize him as he began to be involved in such crime due to his family break down and end up being a criminal and have to live many kinds of lives with different names to keep running away from legal authorities who wanted to capture him. There are many instances of a decimated family institution which create juvenile and criminal. For example, an abused child will be mentally tortured and end up showing aggressive behaviors that lead to juvenile crime such as bullying in school as they are thought that way; the same thing happens to Frank when he became a fraud criminal, which was driven by his family monetary problem.

          Moreover, he was lonely as he walks in his criminal path. As a professional fraud criminal, he lived with many temporary surnames which made his background record clean and no one really know him excluding his parents and an FBI agent who was in charge to catch him, Carl Hanratty. He was so desperate to gain attention and affection as he even has the audacity to call Cal on every Christmas Eve when he was still in pursuit. At the end of his criminal life, he tried to get married with a daughter of a lawyer, but it did not go very well as his engagement party was ambushed by the FBI. However, afterward, he was provided with care by Carl, who suggested him to be promoted to be an FBI agent in his expert field-detecting counterfeit check.